Smol Morsel

I am drawn to experiences of empowerment that are not overtly obvious. Such as poweful experiences as subtle, dainty, and quiet.

I drive myself crazy working with many overthinking things. One of those thoughts, running around in my head, is how to apply physic (like the law of gravity) with designs that are dainty. Because these style of necklaces tend to have a lightweight means to them. If you have ever worn a necklace where the clasp keeps coming around to the front, then you know what I am talking about.

For this necklace, I did not add my signature MOP vintage disc at the clasp. In weighing the clasp and jump rings, they were just enough to balance out the Onyx cube. If I added the vintage disc, the back clasp area would be heavier than the front Onyx cube. Which would mean the clasp could come front and center frequently.  I could add a long back chain dangling at the clasp (to balance the weight to keep the Onyx cube at front and center), but who wants to be dealing with feeling something dangling on the back of your neck while you are doing your busy life?

These overthinking thoughts keep me up at nite.

Suttle matte black onyx cube, sterling silver. Choker style at 16.5”.

Smol Morsel