Crap Ramen

Full disclosure: I do not know why my photo box made the green in the Fluorite so odd.  I do not like to touch up the color of my photographs so the picture taken was left the way it was.  The other pics have accurate shades and tones of green.

Crap ramen: I was pretty much brought up on ramen.  The real ramen.  Eventually I discovered that I could not eat gluten.  Big Sigh.  I have tried all the gluten free ramen out there.  I'm sorry - actually, not sorry - but they ALL taste like crap.  

If you eat real ramen, it is a most satisfying experience.  Like this necklace with vintage MOP circle, natural fluorite, vintage snail shell disc, gold filled components, 18.5".  

The 7th picture is one of the back of the necklace.  Because this is a vintage circle, it will be imperfect.  

I have hoarded this fluorite for years.  It was hand mined by a woman who also hand faceted them.  I was told by a colleague that she was still in business.

Crap Ramen