My Materials

I only use precious metals.  On the occasion, I may utilize a thicker plating such as Vermeil or solid gold. Semi-precious and Precious gems are from ethically sourced processes.


Jewelry Care

Due to my pieces are hand crafted, they should be stored with care.  My pieces are doable enough and meant to be worn every day unless otherwise noted. Soft cloths designed for jewelry can be bought online and can be utilized to buff the surfaces gently.  I do NOT recommend immersion of any gemstone (other than diamond/moissanite) into a cleaning solution.

Return Policy:
Please pick your purchases mindfully. All sales are final.

All purchases will be shipped within 1-4 business days. 
Domestic - First Class (included in price).
International - additional charges apply. I will contact you with shipping charges.
Address of origin may change when we travel for work.

    Environment is smoke-free.





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