I have always been drawn to beauty and creating beauty: sketching my backyard, admiring a beautiful color, picking out colors for my dad to wear, experiences of inner spirituality, problem solving pathways to reach toward where I wanted to go, and the experiences of beauty when we understanding that we have choices.

As I grew older, I considered traveling to Italy to study Architecture.  But I chose what would be considered a 'non-traditionally creative' path.  I went on to acquire an undergraduate degree in health care. Then, onto acquiring my graduate degree in psychotherapy - all while applying my creativity to benefit my clients.  Along the way, I learned many life lessons. These life experiences have culminated in aligning my love for creative artistry.

I have discovered that my creative process leads to a beautiful experience of intimacy and commitment to the moment.  Although I love to create, my desire to share beauty is stronger.

My pieces are vastly original, one of a kind.  They are unique in their fabrication and design.

Whatever is occurring in your life - may you take a moment to be touched by beauty.

Thank  you for making the time to look.





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